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folgende Artikel nach Öko-Tex Standard 100.

ZHAO 077614 (Class II)

Organza ribbons, satin ribbons and bows thereof made PES and PA, with or without EL, bleached or dyed; ribbons made of CO, PES, PA; CV, LI, SE, WM and WO, dyed; PES guipure band & motif embroiderie, bleached or dyed; bobbin lace made of CO, PES and mixtures thereof, raw white or dyed; embroideries made of CO, PES, dyed or raw white; CV and PA flock films, dyed, PUR adhesive-films, dyed; acc. for corsetry (plastic accessories, metal accessories, partly electroplated or coated, partly adorned with transparent rhinestones, separate Swarovski crystals) (based on material precertified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100)

ZHAO 079464 (Class I)

Woven ribbons (incl. grosgrain, satin) made of CO, PES, PA, CV, dyed, partly with reflective fabric, partly printed (PES) or with silicone layer (PES); elastic and inelastic tapes, bobbin and crochet laches, braid articles made of CV,PA,PES,CO,EL and their blends, dyed or made of rubber (white/black) or made of black PUR or transparent TPU; embroideries made of knitted, woven and net base fabrics or laces in CO, CV, PA, PES, CO/PES, CO/EL, or their mixtures, white dyed and finished; heat transfer films or PUR flex-folis with hot melt glue (based on material pre-certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®)

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